About Us

Hello, and welcome to Collective Fibres. 
I am Angela, the Owner and Director of Anchor Mental Health, the umbrella Community Interest Company (CIC) of Collective Fibres.
I am a single mother of three beautiful girls (13, 10 & 8) and up until 2021, I was a beauty and holistic therapy salon owner. The business didn't survive COVID and I was eventually forced to shut in November 2021. 
What I didn't realise at the time, was that it was actually a blessing in disguise.
The January after closing, my Dad fell outside breaking his hip and requiring a hip replacement, he subsequently dislocated it twice afterwards, resulting in five months totally off his feet. 
My Mum has dementia and my Dad is her full time carer, so when he fell, all our lives flew into chaos, having to drop everything to look after my Mum. 
I didn't see the kids for 3 weeks, my Dad had to close his business, and we were struggling to get any extra help in order to try and get things into some sort of order and get back to looking my children.
This period was very difficult on everyone, My Dad was struggling with his health and mobility, with the added stress of closing his business which he had for over 50 years. He was forced into making some life changing decisions and inevitably this change led to stress and anxiety.
My children started to show the signs of stress and anxiety, with the youngest (8) and the eldest (13) starting to take panic attacks. 
My Mums dementia took a downwards drop also. She could sense everyones stress with the situation, and she would get agitated easily and her sleep was very much out of sync.
And I also suffered with stress and anxiety through this time. I felt responsible for everyone, yet everyone was slowly getting more and more emotionally down, and the guilt of not being able to manage it was very upsetting.
I started looking for alternative ways to get help for our situation, as it was impossible to get the help I needed immediately through the NHS services. whether it was a day centre for Mum or counseling for the kids, it was this that spurred me on to want to fill this gap in our communities with a Mental health App that will guide and locate, immediate and confidential help while waiting for NHS appointments. This help could be just enough to help you through those crisis points in life where you just need to know that there is someone out there who can help.
To be able to finance the development and ongoing maintenance of the App I started selling my clothes on Vinted to gain some seed money. 
I have always loved clothes. I love the fabrics, colours, patterns, cuts and textures. I have never been a follower of fashion, but I have always loved how creating an outfit makes you feel. The choice of colours relating to your mood, the different layers of different patterns and textures, drawing your eye into something that's not just clothing but a curated art piece.
I have used Clothes to improve my mental health over the years, and yet again they came to save me. 
I have used my background as a retail manager, visual merchandising manager, Make-up Artist, Beautician and holistic therapist to use my love of clothing to help not only inspire healthy mental health through creativity, but to use the profits to continue that message through to the mental health App to help our communities reach their potential too.
I want to thank you for taking the time to find out about our business. You can keep up to date with our en devours through our blog page.
Take care of yourself,
Love Angela x